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 Tutors See Stereotypes and Gender Bias in SAT. Testers See None of the Above.
Some critics said two items on the newly revamped exam were unfair to girls, but College Board officials said the test had been thoroughly vetted, leading to scores that showed no bias.

 Economic View: A Family-Friendly Policy That?s Friendliest to Male Professors
Men who became parents used an extended tenure clock to publish their research, but there was no parallel rise in the output of female economists.

 Supreme Court Upholds Affirmative Action Program at University of Texas
The case challenged a part of the admission program at the University of Texas at Austin that takes race and ethnicity into account.

 Supreme Court Decision on Affirmative Action Cheered by College Admissions Experts
After the Supreme Court upheld a University of Texas admission plan that considers factors like race and diversity, college officials praised the decision.

 Beverly Hills to boot non-district K-8 pupils
After more than four hours of emotional and sometimes contentious debate, the Beverly Hills Unified School District approved a controversial proposal Tuesday to boot out more than 400 out-of-district students.

 ?At hope? kids better than ?at risk??

Sen. Rosa Franklin, D-Tacoma, is sponsoring a bill this session that would replace references to low-income children such as "disadvantaged," and "at-risk" with a more-positive term, "at hope." Decades ago, poor children became known as "disadvantaged." Then they were "at-risk." Now, a Washington lawmaker wants to replace those euphemisms with a new one: "at hope."

 Hawaii legislators seek to lengthen school year
Stuck with the nation's shortest school year, Hawaii lawmakers will consider proposals for longer and more school days when this year's legislative session opens Wednesday.

 Loophole frees mentally ill youth offenders

In this undated file photo provided by Jan Henry, her husband Todd Henry is shown playing a guitar in Tyler, Texas. Todd Henry, a special education teacher, was fatally stabbed by a student at the school.Recent slaying cases highlight the complexities of a 1997 law meant to keep mentally ill juveniles from being held in detention centers where they can't get proper treatment.

 Funding honoured for EU students in UK
Students from the European Union starting university courses in the UK this autumn are promised no change to student loans funding.

 Pat Glass appointed Labour's education shadow secretary
Pat Glass has been announced as Labour's shadow education secretary, after Lucy Powell resigned from Jeremy Corbyn's shadow cabinet.

 Anti-Semitism compensation and apology for student
A Jewish student who suffered anti-Semitic racial abuse and bullying accepts a payout and apology from the University of York Students' Union.

 Teaching union backs programme of strikes
Members of the biggest teaching union in England back discontinuous strike action over pay, working condition and school funding.