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 The Learning Network: Film Club | ?Summer?s Choice?
In this short documentary, a talented teenager in the Mojave Desert is torn between ???her goal of attending art school and wanting to help support her family.

 The Learning Network: Student Question | How Trustworthy Are You?
Do your teachers, friends and family members trust you? Do you deserve their trust?

 At Success Academy School, a Stumble in Math and a Teacher?s Anger on Video
At Success Academy, the charter school network in New York City, current and former educators say the quest for high scores drives some of them over the line.

 The Learning Network: News Q?s | Wanted in China: More Male Teachers, to Make Boys Men
Why are education officials across China aggressively recruiting male teachers?

 Beverly Hills to boot non-district K-8 pupils
After more than four hours of emotional and sometimes contentious debate, the Beverly Hills Unified School District approved a controversial proposal Tuesday to boot out more than 400 out-of-district students.

 ?At hope? kids better than ?at risk??

Sen. Rosa Franklin, D-Tacoma, is sponsoring a bill this session that would replace references to low-income children such as "disadvantaged," and "at-risk" with a more-positive term, "at hope." Decades ago, poor children became known as "disadvantaged." Then they were "at-risk." Now, a Washington lawmaker wants to replace those euphemisms with a new one: "at hope."

 Hawaii legislators seek to lengthen school year
Stuck with the nation's shortest school year, Hawaii lawmakers will consider proposals for longer and more school days when this year's legislative session opens Wednesday.

 Loophole frees mentally ill youth offenders

In this undated file photo provided by Jan Henry, her husband Todd Henry is shown playing a guitar in Tyler, Texas. Todd Henry, a special education teacher, was fatally stabbed by a student at the school.Recent slaying cases highlight the complexities of a 1997 law meant to keep mentally ill juveniles from being held in detention centers where they can't get proper treatment.

 Support staff 'do teachers' work'
Teacher shortages mean support staff are having to pick up work normally done by qualified teachers, suggests research by a union.

 MSPs call for return of post-study visa
Holyrood's devolution committee calls on the UK government to reintroduce post-study work visas which were cancelled in 2012.

 Abuse whistle-blowing helpline launched
A whistle-blowing helpline for employees in England to raise concerns about child protection failures - run by the NSPCC with government funding - is to be launched.

 Tests for four-year-olds 'disruptive'
New tests in England for four-year-olds are unreliable and disrupt children's start to school, research for a teaching union suggests.